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This website aims at providing free access to revision and coursework materials for ICT students.

The website will provide:
 - mark schemes to aid in the understanding of coursework
 - coursework guides to support the student
 - revision materials
 - tutorial documents and videos for software applications

I hope that if you stumble upon this website that you will be encouraged to use some of the resources that I have put on here. I would greatly welcome any comments you have so that I can continue to develop this website into a useful resource for both teachers and learners.

Email me at dolinski.teacher@googlemail.com

Note: dolinski.co.uk recognises all copyrights and trademarks. Where possible, I acknowledge the copyright holder. Please contact me if I haven't credited your copyright and I'll correct any oversight. This website is intended for educational use only and I make no money from this site. Any attempt to use the resources on this website for financial gain is strictly forbidden. I try to ensure that all content is 100% accurate. If you believe there is a mistake please contact me. Also, this site is not connected to any exam board and should be treated as an additional source of resource and revision only.
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