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Unit 1
Parts of unit 1 are included in units 2 and 3.

Unit 1 involves an exam based around a set number of tasks. You will be expected to complete these tasks under controlled conditions and you will be assessed how well you complete these tasks.

Your assessed work will be marked externally (i.e. not by your teachers) which means you will have to make sure you show off your ICT skills clearly.

Marks are awarded for two different aspects of your work.
 - How well you use the data, which is given to you, to produce your work.
 - Your ability to critically evaluate yourself and your work.

It is impossible to give specifics into what you must to do attain each mark as the exam is not published until the actual exam date, but you can use the mark scheme to give you a rough idea of what you can expect.
- Mark Scheme download
Unit 2
- Mark Scheme download
- Case Study download
- Project Structure Guide download
Section Guides
2a - Analysis of systems download
2b - Design and Implementation download
2b - Creating your database design download
2c - Testing and evaulation download
2d - Hardware and Software chocices download
1a - Reviewing business documents download
1b - CAD/CAM download
How 2 Guides
  - Database 101 download
  - Validation Rules view
  - Mail Merge download
  - Dataflow Diagrams download
  - Input/Process/Output diagrams download
Unit 3
- Mark Scheme download
Section Guides
3a - Identify groups, needs & benefits Coming soon.
3b - Consideration of the consequences Coming soon.
3c - Legislation and ICT Coming soon.
3d - Reference to sources Coming soon.
1c - Evidence of good ICT practice Coming soon.
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