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3.1.6 - Navigating through presentations 27 April 2010
20:11 GMT
Ok, the very last presentation I will need to create for the AS course...now its just updating old content with new features...anyway...Navigating through presentations for 3.1.6 is up and ready to download for your revision pleasure!
3.3.6 - Impact of change 26 April 2010
21:54 GMT
I've uploaded a presentation on 3.3.6 to do with the impact of change on organisations, individuals and on a system.
3.3.5 - Maintenance 26 April 2010
21:52 GMT
I've uploaded a presentation on 3.3.5 to do with the maintenance part of the system life cycle.
3.1.6 - Presentations 26 April 2010
21:49 GMT
I've uploaded a presentation on 3.1.6 to do with some of the basic features of a presentation and how a computer and projector compares to an OHP.
3.1.6 - Graphic Libraries 20 April 2010
22:17 GMT
New presentation for 3.1.6. on graphic libraries.
3.1.6 - Graphics 19 April 2010
20:53 GMT
I've uploaded a presentation on different types of graphics including bitmap and vector. It also covers clipart and thumbnail galaries.
3.1.6 - Reformatting documents 17 April 2010
17:48 GMT
I uploaded a presentation on the reformatting of documents.
3.1.5 - Database Summary 15 April 2010
23:43 GMT
A presentation has been uploaded which looks at, and summarises, databases.
Movie Plus X3 Tutorial - Sound Effects 14 April 2010
21:59 GMT
Movie Plus X3 tutorial - editing sound lengths and fade in/out effects.
Movie Plus X3 Tutorial - Advanced Timeline 13 April 2010
20:25 GMT
Another tutorial has been uploaded for Serif Movie Plus X3. It looks at using the advanced timeline to change the length of time a picture or movie clip is displayed and also how to cross fade.
Movie Plus X3 Tutorials 12 April 2010
17:59 GMT
I have uploaded the first of many Serif Movie Plus X3 tutorials. Download from dolinski.co.uk today!
3.3.5 - Lesson 4 1 April 2010
19:56 GMT
I know...I have skipped a presentation - but this one was easier to create. Don't worry though...lesson 3 will go up very soon. This presentation looks at methods of installing new systems; parallel, phased, pilot and direct.
3.3.5 - Lesson 2 1 April 2010
19:22 GMT
Presentation for 3.3.5 - bespoke vs generic software has been uploaded. Its a big one that tries to combine two sections of the text book (pages 184-188). Be sure to read through those pages too!
3.3.5 - Lesson 1 1 April 2010
18:01 GMT
I have uploaded a presentation for 3.3.5. It looks at the importance of consultations during the development of a bespoke application.

Next presentation will cover the implications of selecting, implementing and supporting the installation of bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions.
DiDA Unit 2 updated 1 April 2010
13:31 GMT
The DiDA Unit 2 (multimedia) section has been updated with my latest resources including a markbook for students and teachers to use.
KS5 Update 31 March 2010
17:40 GMT
I will be adding the final resources to 3.3.4 shortly...but my main priority is to start getting resources ready for 3.3.5. The missing resources are easily covered by reading the text book. The resources I have made introduce the missing sections.
Follow dolinski.co.uk on Twitter 31 March 2010
16:07 GMT
You can now also follow website updates on twitter @ http://twitter.com/AndyDolinski
Macromedia Flash 8 tutorials 31 March 2010
15:09 GMT
I have created a section for tutorials. I will be updating this section with video and paper based tutorials for various applications.
New RSS feed for dolinski.co.uk up and running! 31 March 2010
15:03 GMT
The new RSS feed is now working. You can subscribe to the feed to find out when new content has been made available.
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